Home of the Week: NOPA Queen Anne Edwardian

July 19, 2009

1617 FultonI was talking to my friend James Dixon, who you may remember likes to teach us about architectural styles and learned that this building (where Stefan, Elvis and I live in the upper flat) is a Queen Anne Edwardian. I had thought that the terms Queen Anne and Edwardian were mutually exclusive, but it turns out that whether something is an Edwardian or a Victorian is based on the date of construction. Since 1615-1617 Fulton was built in 1901, that makes it an Edwardian.

The reason I am featuring my own building as the Home of the Week is that the lower flat 1617 is for sale. The price is $799,000 for a spacious 3 bedroom/2 bath unit with parking and it will be open today from 1 to 4. Stop by and take a look!


One Response to “Home of the Week: NOPA Queen Anne Edwardian”

  1. […] my own experience, I can happily say that things are picking up. Home of the Week 1617 Fulton went into escrow after just 5 days on the market to a pre-emptive offer. My listing at 640 Judah […]

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