Some news from the world of architecture

April 9, 2009

CITK and friend architect James Dixon has some wonderful new resources on his Web site. 

The first is an article entitled “10 Ideas for Home Improvement in Today’s Economy – What the Smart, Careful Money Stays at Home.”  He discusses why investing in improving your home is a good idea and offers project guidelines and ideas. Click on the picture at right to download the article or click here.



The 2nd article is part of James’s continuing effort to educate people about San Francisco’s architectural styles.  I’m sure a number of you have heard me enthusing about this cirricumlum over the past couple of years.  I encourage you to read Victorian & Edwardian Residential Architecture in San Francisco because it will enrich your life and help you to make better decisions about home improvements over the years.  Click on the image at right to download the article or click here.

Thanks for the great resources James!  If you want to reach James for help with a project or just to tell him how much you like his articles, he can be reached at  To visit his Web site, click here.


One Response to “Some news from the world of architecture”

  1. […] 19, 2009 I was talking to my friend James Dixon, who you may remember likes to teach us about architectural styles and learned that this building (where Stefan, Elvis and I live in the upper flat) is a Queen Anne […]

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