San Francisco is the “Most Walkable City” in the Nation

July 28, 2008

Now this headline might not ring true to you as you are struggling up one of our many steep inclines (Sanchez between 23rd and 22nd comes to mind) or trying to bike and feeling like you are likely to start rolling backward at any moment, but let’s take a moment to appreciate just how walkable San Francisco really is.

A Seattle company called Walkscore has rated San Francisco the US’s most walkable city. It was written up in the Chronicle a little while ago. To read the article click here. While it surprises me that we beat New York, I think it’s a fantastic boost. I would have to agree that with just a little application of all those backside muscles, it is possible to walk from just about any neighborhood to about three or four others. So don’t be intimidated by the slopes!

And guess what?  They have found that our walkability is impacting our home values.  Turns out, people want to walk and the more walkable something is, the more valuable it is.  I, for one, am not surprised by this tidbit as it’s the first requirement most of my buyers have on their list.


One Response to “San Francisco is the “Most Walkable City” in the Nation”

  1. Says:

    Yep avoid the hills:-)
    SF is paradise though and the fact that it the most walkable city is just another good thing about it.

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